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List of Works

List of Works



Dos Piezas Introspectivas

solo piano, completed 1993, revised 1995


Micro Piezas en Forma de Variación

solo piano, completed 1994, revised 1998.

premiere: Teatro General San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Walter Frank, piano


Four Pieces for String Orchestra

completed 2003, revised 2004, premiere: Wesleyan University Orchestra, Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University. Andrew Dewar, Conductor

[piece for string orchestra 1]

[piece for string orchestra 2]

[piece for string orchestra 3]


Flute’O Phone

for three flutes, completed 2004

[flute’ o phone]


No More Series

piano quintet, completed 2004

premiere: Flux String Quartet, Walter Frank, piano. Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University

[No More Series Excerpt]


In A

solo violin, completed 2005


Rockin’ Base

two marimbas, completed 2005


Piano Dimensions

solo piano, completed 2005

premiere: Renée Weiler Concert Hall, New York City. Walter Frank, piano

[Piano Dimensions Excerpt]


Three Pages

electronics, completed 2005

Realization by David Jensenius, premiered 2006

[Three Pages Excerpt]



Woodwind ensemble, completed 2005

Premiered by WesWinds, Peter Hadley conductor, December 2005, Wesleyan University.

[Paysage Excerpt]



Homage to F.K.

piano and voice completed 2005

Premiered by Anne Rhodes and Neely Bruce, February 2006, Wesleyan University.


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