Walter Frank

Pianist      Composer      Improviser

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Walter Frank was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1973

Walter Frank was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1973. Initially seduced by communications and computers, he established at a young age a database of music and panel discussions via internet, long before the world wide web was established as it is today. His first serious contact with music was at the age of fourteen when a piano was acquired by his family. Since then, he has never moved away from it.


After two years of being engaged with keyboards and rock music, he soon started to learn jazz. At the age of eighteen he found himself attracted to classical music and started his first degree at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory of Music in Buenos Aires. The program being nine years of studies, he received his degree only after four years of intense studies. In 1996, six months after graduation, he was the recipient the Lev Zion scholarship by the Council for Higher Education of Israel. He moved to Jerusalem where he attended the Jerusalem “Rubin” Academy of Music and Dance for one year studying piano as a special sudent. After a year of studies he moved to Tel-Aviv where he attended the Conservatory of Music at the Tel-Aviv University. In 1998, totally disenchanted with the classical music ambience, he returned to Argentina.


In 1999, he began to improvise seriously at the piano, a project that would last until today. Without being able to relate his ideas with the music establishment of Buenos Aires, he started a search over the internet looking for musicians, composers, improvisers, that would be able to correspond and exchange ideas. In the year 2000 he had the good fortune to contact Kyle Gann. After an exchange of e-mails and ideas, Kyle suggested Walter to contact the composer William Duckworth. In the same year, a communication between Walter and Bill started to develop exchanging music and scores until May 2001, year in which Walter travelled to New York invited by a friend and finally met Bill Duckworth.


It is the year 2002 and Walter felt his ideas and pianism needed a mentor. Following advice by Duckworth, he applied to Wesleyan University where Neely Bruce teaches piano and composition. Being accepted by the University, he moved to the United States and continues his studies with Neely Bruce and Anthony Braxton. He presently lives in Middletown, Connecticut.

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